RECAP: Wolverine Unleashed Party at Fox Studios! #WolverineUnleashed @FHEInsiders

As a Fox Home Ent Insider, we were invited to attend a party for the Blu-ray DVD release of The Wolverine – Unleashed Extended Edition. I sent my friend Carolina and this is what she reported…

This past November 18th, was not just a birthday night out with my brother, we got to hang out with James Mangold for the night – it was so cool! Talk about two special occasions in one night!!!

As we anxiously walked through Fox Studios, we were transported into a beautiful and elegant Japanese Zen garden (just like Mariko’s backyard) for cocktails and appetizers.

I just love how the lanterns reflect off the pond, don’t you?

We look over and see some of the props used in this film (AMAZING) including: the “oh so popular” Wolverine claws, and, wait for it, the mask and gloves from the yellow Wolverine costume never before seen in the previous X-men movies! More on this yellow Wolverine appearance in a bit…

The private screening was held in the “Little Theatre”. Director James Mangold himself presented the extended version of The Wolverine! Could it get any better than this? Oh yes it did!!

What a great action packed film! It left you glued to the edge of your seat. With lots of ninja fighting action, this extended version has enough to feed that ninja craving in you. Also, there’s an alternate ending that all those hardcore X-Men comic fans have been waiting for. (Hint: It includes Wolverine in his traditional yellow costume). But let me not give it all away… see it for yourself. The night ended with Q&A with Director James Mangold.

We had an awesome night with all these amazing people and cannot wait for X-Men 2014: “Days of Future Past”! When I asked my brother Simon (big fan of Wolverine here) for his thoughts, this is what he told me:

When I buy movies on Blu-ray, I have some very strict requirements. You see, not every movie benefits from the more advanced and detailed clarity of the format. Some dramas, for example, are flawless in DVD (which is why I still buy DVD’s from time to time). Some films like The Wolverine are so well crafted that they take full advantage of this new expanded spectrum of light and sound.

It’s films like The Wolverine that make the Blu-ray format successful. From the beautiful score by Satellite Award winner Marco Beltrami, which heightens the sweeping wide shots and intimate close ups from cinematographer, Ross Emery, to the depth of the performances from the cast gave that the origin material the respect it deserves.

In short, just as there are movies that are flawless in DVD, The Wolverine is one of the special few who is actually made to be seen on Blu-ray. This result can only be accomplished with the guidance and logistical choreography of a talented and experienced director with a special talent for exploring the human condition, James Mangold.

– Simon

The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Edition
is out on Blu-ray DVD and Digital HD
December 3rd!
Rated PG-13


A review by Carolina Gonzalez. Carolina is a newbie in LA ready to discover all the hidden jewels this city offers. Carolina loves life, travel, volunteering, ballet, theatre, fashion and desserts – oh yeah! You can follow Carolina on Instagram and Twitter @CaroinLAcity.

Disclosure: We were invited as a member of the media. All opinions are our own. Photos by Carolina Gonzalez unless where indicated.

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