FOOD: Wake Up to a Morning Home Grocery Delivery @WinderFarms New Spring Items!

Imagine waking up to a home grocery delivery of all natural, farm fresh products at your doorstep. We enjoyed just that this month with Winder Farms new spring items!

Other items we sampled were…

chicken teriyaki, premium sirloin beef, ravioli, a kale chopped salad kit, dry mango (great for snacking!), and Honest Tea. Lots of different varieties across the board!

You might like that they carry Stonyfield Organic Smoothies in a variety of combinations.

Winder Farms bring organic, all-natural and hormone-free products from local farmers and businesses right to your doorsteps. You can also learn about my first home delivery experience here. (In Orange County, Winder Farms deliver both Brougerie and Rockview milk.) To learn more about Winder Farms, please visit their website at

Disclosure: We received the products for review. All opinions are our own. Images are by

What type of products can I order from Winder Farms?

Winder Farms specializes in offering quality, all-natural perishable foods such as dairy, fresh produce, fresh squeezed juices, and all-natural meats. They also carry some specialty all-natural frozen dinners such as pizzas, chicken meals and pasta dishes. Winder Farms does not carry any canned goods, paper goods, cleaning supplies, candy, toiletries, alcohol, etc.

Where do Winder Farms products come from?

Winder Farms works with local farms, artisan bakeries, and businesses to deliver a wide range of farm fresh products so Orange County families can feel good about supporting local businesses. (For example, in Orange County, they work with Tanaka Farms to provide farm fresh produce).

What is the benefit of signing up for Winder Farms service?

Winder Farms help families save time, money and gas by delivering groceries right to their doorstep. They simplify the lives of time-strapped families by delivering the products they use most. Their weekly deliveries allow moms to feed their families fresh all-natural products all week, without having to resort to the canned soup or boxed dinner by the end of the week.

Get $30 OFF your First Delivery from Winder Farms! #Ad

Let’s Play OC! Fans get $30 OFF their first delivery! Please note that you will not be charged until after you receive your first order and at that point you will see the discount applied. Please use this URL when ordering here. (This link contains affiliate links. I will only get a referral bonus for completed new orders).

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