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Last week our family was invited to dine at SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach. We love the transformation that Bella Terra has undertaken and all the family-friendly dining options. SPIN! is a great addition! If you’ve never been before, the menu can be a little overwhelming (some of it is in Italian), but no worries, because the English translation is located right next to it. Here’s a tip: if you like personal-sized pizza so everyone can order the topping they love, check out the “Mini Mia!” It comes with a personal size pizza with a 1/2 salad or cup of soup. We did!

For his personal size pizza, he ordered (his favorite) SPIN!’s BBQ di Pollo E Pineapple (BBQ Chicken) which came with mozzarella, roasted chicken, roasted pineapple, caramelized onions, and Lucille’s BBQ sauce. SO GOOD!

Pizza per Bambini
(For the Kids) Our kids ordered a pepperoni pizza and mac-and-cheese. It also came with mini-gelato and a drink each. The tokens are so cute. Pictured: Pistachio and strawberry gelato.

There were plenty of seating in the dining area and some outdoor seating.

Disclosure: We were invited to sample their menu for reviewing purposes. All opinions are our own. All images are by

We had a wonderful family dining experience and can’t wait to go back! Thanks, SPIN! Pizza!

Spin! Pizza at Bella Terra is located at 7511 Edinger Avenue in Huntington Beach, California. For more information or to find a location near you, please visit their website at


About SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza:

SPIN! was founded in 2005 by restaurant industry veterans Gail and Richard Lozoff and Edwin Brownell. The Lozoffs developed Bagel & Bagel, which later became Eistein Bros. Bagels.

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