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One of the memorable adventures we had on Santa Catalina Island recently was a 2-hour Hummer Tour with Catalina Island East End Adventure. As it took us on a restricted road to the other side of the island, we heard stories about the Wrigley family, interesting facts about the Catalina Island Conservancy, the plants, the healthy buffalo population on the island, and enjoyed breath-taking views we wouldn’t have seen unless we hiked it. Did you know that the Conservancy protects 88% of Catalina Island? There is more than 62 miles of unspoiled beaches and undeveloped coastline in Southern California. (Source:

Our tour guide, Bear, was not only very knowledgeable, he was hilarious, and his sense of humor added to our tour experience.

Have you heard of the Catalina Island bison herd? They were originally imported to the island for a film and later had as many as 600 on the island. The Conservancy protects and maintains the population at around 150 animals. (These animals are protected for life.) On our way down, we were lucky to see one, but it quickly ran away.

Know Before You Go:

Parts of the tour is bumpy and dusty as we traveled 1,500 above sea level. Our family enjoyed the tour, but it may not be suitable for younger children. Water and a blanket to share is provided, but you might want to bring a jacket as it gets chilly coming down the other side of the island.

Catalina Island East End Adventure

(800) 626-1496

Advance reservations are recommended.
Note: 10% of the proceeds go to support the Catalina Island Conservancy.

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