Review: Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Hello Kitty Paint Can | #HelloKittyCon #HelloKitty40th

Dylan’s Candy Bar was at Hello Kitty Con 2014 offering sweet treats and limited edition items to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary including candy bars, colorful lollipops, sugar cookies, confection-flavored lip balm, and fun accessories (see full list below). All items are available at Dylan’s Candy Bar stores, select Sanrio stores, and online at and starting October 15th.
 Dylan's Candy Bar's Hello Kitty Paint Can Razmatazz

We were super excited when Dylan’s Candy Bar sent us samples of their Hello Kitty Paint Can. It came with sweet and sour rainbow bites and pink sprinkled gummy berries. They were super fresh, and we were instantly addicted. My family and I finished the 1 lb. of candy within a few days!

Dylan's Candy Bar's Hello Kitty Paint Can Razzmatazz
What’s also fun about the paint can is that it has a handle, and it’s reusable! (My son already filled it with his favorite car toys.)

 Dylan's Candy Bar's Hello Kitty Paint Can Razmatazz

The paint can will make great stocking-stuffers, a Valentine’s treat, party favors or a sweet gift for all ages. They come in other varieties and starts around $16. (The Hello Kitty Paint Can currently retails for $20 for 1 lb. of candy). For more information, please visit their website at

“Our partnership with Dylan’s Candy Bar adds a deliciously fun element to Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary celebration,” said Janet Hsu, President and COO of Sanrio, Inc. “This super cute collaboration highlights the sweet and colorful side of both brands and offers fans an assortment of yummy treats and lifestyle products to enjoy.”

A variety of signature items offered at Hello Kitty Con included:
Hello Kitty Dylan’s Candy Bar Mix-clusive Peg Bag
Cookies and Cream Bar
Vanilla Cupcake Bar
Chocolate Bon Bons Bar
Hello Kitty Three Bar Pack
Hello Kitty Head Cookie
Hello Kitty Petite Cookie Set
Hello Kitty Lollipops
Hello Kitty Paint Can
Hello Kitty Crispy Treat
Hello Kitty Large Cosmetic Case
Hello Kitty Small Cosmetic Case
Hello Kitty Large Tote
Hello Kitty T-Shirt (Youth and Women’s)
Hello Kitty Charm Bracelet
Hello Kitty Necklace
Hello Kitty Headband
Hello Kitty Lip Gloss Set
“We’re excited to partner with Sanrio to celebrate Hello Kitty’s milestone,” said Dylan Lauren, Founder and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar. “To us, this iconic, brightly colored collection brings Hello Kitty to life through candy and fashion. We look forward to sharing this collection with Dylan’s Candy Bar and Hello Kitty fans around the world.”

Where You Can Find Dylan’s Candy Bar:

Dylan’s Candy Bar retail stores are currently located in these cities: New York City, Los Angeles, East Hampton, and Miami. You can also find Dylan’s Candy Bar shops located in John F Kennedy International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Mohegan Sun Casino Resorts, and Grand Traverse Resort.

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