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Disclosure: We received a test product.
iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger

One of our biggest frustrations when we travel as a family is having to pack the wall chargers for our electronic devices. Do we pack all of them or do we share and take turns? What happens when they’re all low in battery, which one do we charge first? Eventually we all start fighting over the outlets and chargers adding unnecessary stress to our travel. (Usually whomever has more battery life goes last.)

Need a simple solution?
iClever makes a 6-port USB Travel Wall Charger. Yes, 6! Now you can charge up to six devices at the same time – just bring the charging cables! BRILLIANT!

USB Wall Charger Features:

  • The device has SmartID Technology which means the smart USB port can identify your device and charge them all equally fast. This includes Apple, HTC, Nexus, Nokia, Motorola or Samsung.
  • It’s an All-in-One Charger. With 50 watts of super output, it lets you charge any (6) combination of phones or tablets simultaneously.
  • It’s compact and light weight. It’s about 7 inches in length, 2 inches wide, 4.33 inches in height, and weighs about 3 ounces.
  • It comes with a limited One Year Product Warranty.
HisGadget iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger For more information about their products, please visit their website at

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