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We’re busy sampling The Better Chip. They’re NON-GMO, certified GF, and they use simple and fresh ingredients like real corn, real jalapenos, and fresh onions. They’re changing the way we snack on vegetable chips. They come in varieties like Beets, Jalapeño, Corn, Chipotles, and Spinach & Kale.

The Better Chip Flavors | Made with Real Vegetables

The kids absolutely love their Corn Chips. It’s one of the better corn chips we’ve tasted, and you can actually see bits of corn baked into the chip. Their Beets Chips has a mild beet taste. Their Spinach & Kale with sea salt is made with fresh spinach and kale and actually has vitamin A (35%) and vitamin K (110%).

Spicy Chips!

Their Jalapeño Chips (my favorite) are medium spicy and made with fresh jalapeños. For a spicier kick, their Chipotle Chips are super spicy and made with roasted red Jalapeño peppers.

Serving Suggestions

We like that all the chips use fresh vegetables, and that they have a flavor for everyone. If you’re on a GF diet, you can crumble them to make a gluten-free crust. They’re also great for pairing with dips (hummus, ranch, bean dip, guacamole, salsa, queso cheese dip, etc). For more information, please visit their website at To can see how they are made, please visit

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