Book Review: TEETH FAIRIES by Ingrid Bencosme | #TeethFairies

Is your child at that age when their baby teeth is about to be replaced? Have you thought about how you would handle it? Will you introduce the Tooth Fairy? How much should you give them? Now is the time to start healthy brushing habits in their daily routines. We received a really cute copy of Teeth Fairies – A Baby Teeth Tradition written by Ingrid Bencosme and illustrated by Laura Watson.
TEETH FAIRIES by Ingrid Benscosme

The box set comes with a fun Tooth Fairy doll, a colorfully decorated keepsake box, and a
hard copy of the book. The children must name their fairy and look for it
every morning when she returns from Tooth Fairyland.

TEETH FAIRIES Book Set by Ingrid Benscosme

I really like that it tells a story of where teeth fairies come from
and that there are more than one fairy that reports to “The Fairy Boss”
every night. How else can they make it to every household,
right? Because each fairy reports to the fairy boss every night, kids will want to brush their teeth! The fairy stays until the tooth comes out. It also explains to the children their reward for turning in a clean tooth. It can be money, a special coin, prize, or toy so it allows parents to be as creative with the prize as they’d like, and it doesn’t have to be money or any set amount.

You might like that there’s a teeth record in the back of the book. Teeth Fairies is a wonderful tool that introduces the tooth fairy to your family. It also makes a great keepsake. My kids were easily intrigued and went off to brush their teeth shortly after we finished the book. Thanks, Teeth Fairies!

TEETH FAIRIES Teeth Record Log Book by Ingrid Teeth Fairies is donating proceeds from a new dental health doll and book set to Communities In Schools (CIS) to help prevent and fight the type of serious dental disease that can cause kids to miss school and potentially drop out.

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