Patio Entertaining with NewAir AF-520B 18 inch Outdoor Misting Fan

Do you like to entertain in your patio, but sometimes it’s way too hot? We’re NewAir Brand Ambassadors, and as an ambassador, we receive products to test and review such as this NewAir AF-520B 18-inch Outdoor Misting Fan. If you’re looking for an outdoor fan this summer, their fan is great for entertaining, has easy set up, and will fit any decor.

Coming from a large family, our siblings enjoy getting together for holidays and family functions. We’re so blessed that we live in Southern California where the weather is usually enjoyable. I mean it rarely rains, and if you know beach city homes, they don’t come equipped with air conditioning. However, there is a few times a year, the heat can be unbearable.

What about neighboring cities and more inland areas? The air is quite dry, because we are near desserts. The misting fan offers a solution that is great for outdoor entertaining or when you want to enjoy spending time in your patio. I like that you can use it with or without the mist.

You can pretty much position your fan anywhere in your patio with an extension cord and water hose, or you can find a spot near an outlet and water hose. The fan comes with a three prong GFCI plug and the cord length is 5’6″. There are three nozzles where the mist sprays from. You can rotate the fan or keep it in one position. And depending on how strong you want it to spray, just adjust the water pressure and the speed of the fan.

My family loves our new outdoor misting fan by NewAir. You can hear how excited the kids are in the video. A few family members have already asked us to borrow it for their next party. Enjoy your patio more with an outdoor misting fan!

The NewAir AF-520B retails for about $129.99 and can be found at Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, or For more product information, please visit their website at

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