Review: #MINIONS Movie Coming to Theaters in RealD and IMAX July 10! #beedo

Have you ever wondered where Minions came from? Most recently we saw a pre-screening of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s new MINIONS Movie and learned just that.

With Minions Kevin, Stuart, and Bob

Believe it or not, Minions have one goal, they want to find the biggest
and baddest villain to serve. (I know right? Those cute little yellow
creatures?) Even though they’ve been around a long time serving the most
despicable Masters, they’re not evil, they’re very naive, and they have the hardest
time keeping their Masters. When they don’t have a Master, they go into a deep depression. (Awww)

 Minions Bob, Kevin, and Stuart

The movie is about Minions Kevin, Stuart, and Bob’s journey in finding
their new evil boss. They find Scarlet Overkill, Academy Award winner
Sandra Bullock, the world’s first female super-villain (she’s famous!)
Is this a match made in heaven? You’ll have to watch it to find out!

 Minions Movie

Photos Courtesy of Universal Pictures and used with permission.

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