Poolside Entertaining with NewAir Portable Icemaker AI-100SS

NewAir Ice Maker AI-100SS

Do you like to entertain in your patio or poolside in the summer? As a brand ambassador for New Air, we receive product samples to test such as this NewAir Ice Maker in
stainless steel. It’s really easy to use. All you do is plug it in, lift up the
lid, fill water to the line, select ice cube size (SML), then press ON/OFF. I think
they’re perfect for poolside entertaining or if you have a mini-bar.

I really like this product for small gatherings with the family or with friends. A light indicator blinks to add more water or if the basket is full. (I used bottled filter water). I never have to worry about running out of ice (or running out to get more ice) ever again. I get to spend more time at my party, and I’m saving money making ice versus buying ice. Clean-up is also simple, because there is a drain off cap on the side. It is recommended to change out the water every 24 hours.

The only thing about this product is that I hope they add a waterline so I don’t have to monitor it as much, but I like that it only takes less than 15 minutes to make more. I mentioned “small” gathering because the basket is not super big. They also make a commercial grade which will hold more ice. For more information about NewAir products, please visit their website at www.newair.com.

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