Personalized Movement Profile™ for Walking and Running Shoes at Endurance House | #EnduranceHouseOC

We’re always on our feet. Do you ever wonder if your shoes fit properly, or better yet, does your feet hurt at the end of the day? Well, most recently Endurance House invited me to personalize my movement profile and come in for a fitting to find a walking or running shoe to fit my lifestyle. The Personalized Movement Profile™ takes customers through five custom phases to determine the best fit for equipment needs (Consult, Move, Learn, Fit, and Test Drive).


He then had me put on these soft tester shoes for a 10 second walk on the treadmill. Although short, it was all we needed to analyze where my feet hit the pavement and indicated where I needed support. I never noticed that I walk with my feet at an angle and walk on the inner balls of my feet first.


Jeff found me 3 pairs of shoes that provided the support in the areas I needed. How can you tell if it’s the perfect fit? You can just feel it! It was a toss up between the Brooks and the Zoot. The Asics that I tried on felt a little too tight around the laces, and after a day of walking, it can be very painful. Of course, everyone will have a different experience, but with the other two, I couldn’t feel any pressure points. I was lucky, because I had two to choose from. The hard part was choosing the color. I finally decided on the one that would match with various outfits.


One last thing, have you heard of OOFOS? They are recovery slippers that absorb more shock than traditional foams, and it reduces stress on you feet and knees. They have them there! I got a pair to try and my husband claimed them!

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