DINING: Taste of STACKED #FoodWellBuilt Monthly Signature Menu featuring BACON

This month we went in for a tasting at STACKED: Food Well Built. For a limited time, their September’s Monthly Signature Items features a superb bacon menu. Lucky for us, we got to try them all! Read on, Bacon Lovers!

My favorite thing on their menu is their Bacon Jam Burger. Their jam adds a sweetness to it, and it’s just yummy good!
Want something to share? Their Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza has everything you will find on a cheeseburger on a pizza combining the sweetness of the tomatoes, the saltiness of the bacon, and the sourness of the pickles (also adding a nice crunchy texture). Sounds weird but somehow it works!
The featured Bacon Menu at STACKED is here for a limited time. It’s always a unique dining experience when we go to STACKED, because everything is custom-ordered to your liking and ordered via an iPad at your table. To learn more about the ordering process, you can read more about it in a previous post.
STACKED: Food Well Built
Los Cerritos Center
18425 Gridley Road
Cerritos, CA
(562) 376-4300

What item do you want to try?

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