What’s Inside Discovery Cube OC’s ECO Challenge Exhibits?

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Have you played the Super Eco-Shopper Game and the Race to Recycle Game at the Discovery Cube Orange County? Both games are really fun and educational. My kids like to use the scanners, and we’re racing to be the fastest sorter. Most recently I went to Discovery Cube OC to learn more about their ECO Challenge Exhibits and their partnership with OC Waste Management. As you may already know, the games are designed to help children learn to be mindful of what they put into the landfills. Let’s take a closer look.

ECO Challenge Exhibits at Discovery Cube Orange County

Discovery Market

In Super Eco-Shopper Game, there are 6-Eco Games, 4-Games about Nutrition, and 1-Junior Eco (for ages 5 and under). The games are designed to be engaging and challenging while helping kids recognize the packaging labels when they see it. The idea is that the more they do it, the more they learn what they buy will end up in landfills.

For example, one of the question was, Scan which eating utensils are best for the environment.
Options are: Plastic Utensils, Recycled Plastic Utensils, or Stainless Steel Utensils? (I got this wrong by the way.)

For younger kids, you’ll want to select Junior Eco. Their questions are easier and they have questions like, “Identify which one is bigger?” and then the eco-education is inserted at the end. It’s a great learning tool for everyone to learn together. There are 6 questions and one list.

Race to Recycle Game at Discovery Cube OC

Race to Recycle Game!

In Race to Recycle, there are four categories: Landfill Waste, Green Waste, Recyclables, and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). They only give us 20 seconds in each category to sort through waste, and we’re competing with 3 other teams. It’s a really fun game to test your knowledge, and it can get competitive. I played more than once, because I didn’t like to lose. Some of the things I thought were recyclable surprised me when I got it wrong. For example, I threw musical greeting cards and shoes with lights in the landfill, but they really need to go into the Household Hazard Waste bin, because they have batteries. If you’re not sure why you got it wrong, visit the What’s What? Board to learn more, then play again.

What's What? Board at Discovery Cube OC's Race to Recycle Game

At the end of the game, it listed where my local HHW Collection Centers were. You can find yours too by putting in your zip code here: oclandfills.com/hazardous/. If you’re in Los Angeles, yours will be through the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County. Each facility will be different so you might want to familiarize yourself with their procedures and regulations. For example, there is a maximum limit you can drop off at one time and you must remain in your vehicles while an attendant remove your items from your trunk. They will not return the container so be sure to store it in a box or container you do not want to keep.


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