Tasting at Maro Wood Grill in Laguna Beach #GigaSavvy

Most recently I attended a Tasting Event at Maro Wood Grill with Giga Savvy. We were in for a delicious evening as this Argentinean Restaurant had us in a food coma by the end of the night with 12 offerings by “The Pass”. Chef Debra said it best, “Everything is kissed with the wood grill, organic, and grass fed.”

We started with warm Mushrooms & Spinach Empinadas, Mesquite-Grilled Edamame with rock salt, and Wood Grilled Green Beans. Something about the grill, added extra flavor to common dishes. Their Mushroom Ceviche with grilled sourdough had a hint of heat and the mushrooms were tender. We also sampled a Grilled Fennel and Fig Salad, Wood Grilled “Oysters Rockerfeller” with burnt lemon wedge, and Ricotta Noquis and Grilled Tomatoes. Did you know it’s a Argentinean tradition to eat noquis together on the 29th of each month? It had a nice texture, and everything thus far was absolutely tasty and delicious.


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