3 New Fall Menu Items at Boudin SF Bakery #CelebrateNewCravings

Cooler weathers are finally here! It is feeling like Fall at last! Feeling hungry? Most recently I went to a Tasting Event at Boudin Bakery to learn about their new fall items and wine selections. I didn’t even know they have wine. Did you? If your location carries them, Happy Hour starts at 4:30 pm til closing every day!

Ham ‘N Brie on Focaccia

If the salad is too large, you can pair it with a half sandwich or soup. Their new Ham ‘N Brie on Rosemary Focaccia is a great option. It comes with applewood smoked ham, Brie, arugula, cranberry dijon, and is served with rosemary focaccia bread. It’s one of our favorite new items on the menu!

Boudin SF Combos

Can’t decide between a salad, soup, or sandwich? There are some great combo options to make it a great meal. For example, I paired a half sandwich with their seasonal Butternut Squash Soup (it’s topped with spiced walnuts and dried cranberries). It’s perfect for a cool day like today. Other combo options available are: Bowl of Soup + Small Salad , and Half Sandwich + Small Salad. (Excludes hot sandwiches).


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