Signature and Custom Donut Bar at poqet DONUTS in Irvine!

poqet DONUTS (pronounced “pocket”) tasting their signature donuts and customizing our own. What a unique concept! When I got there I was a little overwhelmed, and thought, “Oh man, it’s going to be hard to decide on which one to try first,” but they had some all cut up to bite-size pieces to sample, and my friends and I just started on one end then worked our way down. What surprised me the most were the Vegan ones. They were tasty!

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Customize It!

After getting our fill tasting all that our bellies can handle, we got back in line to learn about customizing our donuts. Here’s how you do it:

#1 – Pick Your Donut!
Select between Glazed Donut, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake, or Vegan Donut.

#2 – Choose Your Filling!

Do you like creams, butters, fresh fruit or jams?

There you go! The one on the left they glazed it with nutella, added fresh strawberries and sprinkles. For the second one I had them glaze it with a blueberry glaze, top it with cream cheese, sprinkles and fresh berries. What a fun morning tasting donuts with friends! I love that there are so many options at poqet. The cherry glaze on the red velvet donut is a delicious surprise. FYI – the signature items are also available in the mini-size. I can’t wait to take my family back for a fun treat the next time we are in the area. For more information, please visit their website at

Have fun!

poqet DONUTS
17655 Harvard Avenue, Unit B
(at Main)
Irvine, CA
Sunday through Thursday
6 am to 4 pm
Friday and Saturday
6 am to 7 pm

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