REVIEW: Sensory-Friendly ROOM ON THE BROOM @SegerstromArts #SCFTA

Going to the movies or theatre can be fun and exciting, but for families who have kids with autism, the event can be scary and frustrating. Many kids with autism have sensory issues which make bright lights or loud music overwhelming. Thankfully, Segerstrom Center for the Arts is now offering new sensory-friendly performances for families with autism or sensory sensitivity. Last month, I was invited to attend the first one in their series with my family, Room on the Broom. Upon entering, we received these handouts. (They are like the kid’s version of the Playlist.)

If you have a child with autism, I would highly recommend attending the sensory-friendly shows at Segerstrom. There is a Previsit Guide you can download to prepare everyone. We also watched the animated film together before the performance. Every seat has a good view of the stage. I would also suggest that if you have a child who has sensory needs, sitting toward the back of the room may help them since they can walk around without disrupting the other viewers. But most importantly, the environment is friendly. I think it’s important to stress that the environment is friendly, because the families who attended the show were so supportive and understanding. For example, there was a young girl who kept trying to climb onto the stage during the performance. I thought it was so nice that no one made a big deal about it. It’s like we all “Get it”. For more information about their sensory-friendly series and future performances, please visit our previous post here.


A review by Lisa C. Lisa is a working mom of four who enjoys trying fun and new things to share with her family. She also has a passion for Pinterest.

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