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If you’re ever in town for a day and want to see San Francisco and don’t have a lot of time, look into taking a hop-on, hop-off tour with Big Bus Tours! It’s a great option for both large groups and small. We hit all the major landmarks, can get off whenever we wanted, didn’t have to do a lot of walking, and if we got off, we could easily catch another bus as the bus runs every 10-20 minutes.

Click to download a map. Photo Courtesy of Big Bus Tours.

The bus moved fairly fast from stop to stop. The photos I took were from mostly the top deck in the back of the bus. The best photos were taken with a steady hand and at stop lights. =) The weather changed quickly as we were hot in parts of the city under the sun, but chilly in cloudy areas closer to Golden Gate Park. The best way to dress is in layers. Headphones were available to hear the tour in different languages. Some tour guides are better than others. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a really funny narrator to entertain you the whole way. I recommend sitting upstairs for most of the tour, but go down below when you’re crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. It gets really cold, real fast, and you can’t just get up and move when the bus is in motion.

A panoramic night tour is also available but not included with the day tours. Big Bus Tours are available in most major cities. My first bus tour was in New York City and remembered thinking, “Wow, this is great. If I was walking around, I would have missed a lot of the historical information or wouldn’t even know what I was standing next to.” Also, you’ll want to go as early in the morning as possible if you want to see more. We went in the afternoon and got off at The Golden Gate Bridge Stop to make it back in time to meet a friend at Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner. Another thing to factor is although we didn’t have to do a lot of driving around town and pay for parking at each destination, we did have to pay for a daily parking fee on top of an all day bus tickets. But overall, I thought it was much more enjoyable to not stress about directions, and we didn’t get tired from all the walking. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities and loved that I can still enjoy the views especially when I don’t have a lot of time. Download a map ahead of time if you want to plan your day. First tour starts at 9 am. For more information, please visit
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Big Bus Tours – San Francisco, 99 Jefferson Street, San Francisco, CA (855) 854-8687.

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