How to Care for Orchids with Armstrong Garden Centers

Do you love orchids but don’t know how to care for them? There’s a free class coming up at Armstrong Garden Centers that will teach that and more. For the longest time, I would throw out my orchid plant after all the flowers have fallen. I knew that they would rebloom after a year, but they always looked dead to me and even the leaves will fall off, because I was over-watering it. Well, after consulting with an expert at Armstrong Garden, I feel much more confident and am now a proud owner of a new orchid plant. I can’t wait to share what I have learned below!

How to Train Your Orchid

After the flowers fall, trim above the joint. (See right photo above). When they bloom again, it will send up a whole new stock. Orchids naturally want to grow outward and sideways so you’ll need to catch them when they’re little to train them to grow upwards and tie them to a stake. If you wait too long to train them, it will break.

How to Pick an Orchid Plant

Look at the leaves, are they nice and green? Don’t buy one without leaves. You’ll want to pick one that have some flowers open but not all. If all of the flowers are open, it’s a good indication that it’s toward the end of it’s blooms season. However, those who need them for an event or wedding, will look for them all open.
The gardening expert at Armstrong Garden was so helpful and made it seem so easy to care for orchids. I can’t wait to watch mine bloom year after year and add to my collection. If you want to learn more about how to care for orchids, check out the free Orchid Care is Easy class at Armstrong this month on February 13 at 9am. For more information, please visit their website at
Have fun!
Please contact your store for more information.

  • Orchid Care is Easy – Saturday, February 13th at 9am
  • Creating a Fairy Garden – Saturday, February 20th at 9am
  • Gardening for Beginners – Saturday, February 27th at 9am

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