Show Recap: Ringling Bros Out of this World @HondaCenter #ringlingbros

Disclosure: We attended a media preview.

The circus is in town! We went to opening night of the new Ringling Bros Presents Out of This World at the Honda Center. We have gone the last few years, and they always change it up! They still have the Animal Open House (purchased ticket required for viewing) so be sure to arrive early to get a closer look of the animals in the show. I also like going early to avoid traffic, find closer parking, and for pictures with the performers or clowns. The arena has an ice floor this year so the circus clowns are walking around greeting guests. They also have sneak peek performances for the Starseeker’s Early Access experience. I think I like it better this way. It is more of a relaxing way to enjoy the show after rushing to get there.

One of my favorite performances is the Big Cats with Alexander Lacey. How does he command both lions and tigers? It is fascinating! I also like watching the hoop divers, motorcycle daredevils, trapeze artists, and the Constellation of Cossacks on horses. At one point, the Torres Family rode eight motorcycles in the sphere without colliding into each other. WOW!! For ticket discounts, see the flyer below!

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