Ringling Bros: Behind-the-Scenes with Big Cat Trainer and King Charles Troupe #ringlingbros

Ringling Bro’s Big Cat Trainer Alexander Lacey and the King Charles Troupe. Lacey talked about how he became a trainer and attempted to groom his lion, Messai, by brushing its mane. You can watch it below. Messai is 7 years old and is trained to communicate by following the guiders. Lacey have been around the animals since he was little as his parents were trainers as well. Lacey spends a lot of time with his animals and he understands their personalities. He explains that the cats all want to perform well in the classroom (while on stage) but then they stay with their mates when they are not on stage. At times they do not want to work so he does not force them to do a show. It was very interesting to see the cats and Lacey together when they are not performing.

After Lacey, we headed over to meet with the King Charles Troupe. These guys were doing double dutch rope jumping also on a unicycle. At one point, the unicyclist jumped rope inside the double ropes. WOW! They also played basketball and stopped to interact with everyone. What a fun morning!

Thanks, Ringling Bros, for a private meet-and-greet with Alexander Lacey and the King Charles Troupe! They just finished up their tour in Orange County and are headed to Northern California next. For more information about their Out of This World tour, please visit their website at www.ringlingbros.com. You can read about my show recap HERE.

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