After 2 Treatments of Kybella Update #CosmetiCareMoms

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I wanted to you give you an update after two treatments of KYBELLA. Just a quick disclosure, I’m a CosmetiCare Mom which allows me to try some of CosmetiCare’s MedSpa services and share my experiences with you all. KYBELLA is the only FDA-approved treatment to dissolve fat with injections. It is currently only approved for chin fat. Here is a photo comparison of me before my first procedure and after my second treatment. (I came in six weeks after my treatment for a follow up visit).

It will be tender and sensitive to touch for at least 30 minutes or so. I was provided a chin strap to ice it, and I drove home that way. The area will be swollen for up to two weeks, but you shouldn’t be in pain. (The painful part was right after the solution was injected.) Also, my other friends told me they didn’t have the needle marks so it will affect everyone differently. I think I was more self-conscious of it than others, because most of my friends didn’t realize I was swollen from it or maybe they were just being nice. All I can say is, if I get the results I want, that’s all that matters because I have a hard time getting rid of it! Some of the results I have seen are just amazing. If you’re considering it, just know that you might need more than one treatment. The staff at CosmetiCare are really professional and I’m comfortable every time I go in. For more information about KYBELLA or their MedSpa services, please call them at (949) 537-2368 or visit their website at

COMING SOON! I have tips how to prepare for it and what to expect after.

CosmetiCare is located at 1101 Bayside Drive #100 in Corona Del Mar, California.

New Look Now: If you’re wondering what a procedure will look like before you commit, they also have a free service called New Look Now on their website. All you do is upload a photo and someone will email you a simulated photo within 24 hours.

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