85C Bakery Cafe Opens 1000th Location!


85 °C Bakery Cafe, an Asian-Euro fusion bakery, has 15 locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County area with their newest local location in Koreatown, and their 1,000th global location in Houston! Their name comes from the perfect temperature to brew coffee 85C (185F). Originating from Taiwan in 2003, their first US store is located right here in OC – Irvine (2008). I remember a time when they had long lines out the door like you would see at popular nightclubs. It was astonishing, and it was like that all the time. They always have at least 60 baked bread items and 60 types of pastries available throughout the day TIP: Always ask if they have a fresh batch of your favorite bread, some times they don’t fill the shelves fast enough and they will always give it to you if they have it. All their breads are baked fresh in house every 4 hours all day. Their top selling items include brioche, marble taro, iced sea salt coffee, and mango crème brûlée. They have over 40 drink options and variations. You can also get any drink with boba. I, for one, just love their Sea Salt Coffee (Americano coffee, sea salt, and sweet cream), and I get it with “less sugar.” Hint: You can get 85 cents Iced Sea Salt Coffee on Coffee Mondays.

Sample List of Baked Breads:

My current obsession is their new Carmel Danish also known as French Kouign-amman. Their new Cinnamon Roll is scrumptious too. New products are introduced every month. You can check their website for the latest.Note: They currently do not have gluten free bread or vegan options.

  • Spicy Sausage or Spicy Green Onion Chicken is part of the Siracha series which will highly appeal to Texans.
  • Calamari Stick Bread – squid ink coloring that has no flavor but it darkens the cheesy garlic bread to a purply-black.
  • Chocolate Croissant
  • Potato Cheese Bread
  • Cheese Dog has a hot dog, mayo, ketchup, cheese, salt, pepper and parsley all baked together and encased in a warm light fluffy bread.
  • Red Bean Bread is a light fluffy bread with a sweet red bean filling, and a traditional Asian treat.
  • Jumbo Guava Cheese Strudel is crunchy Danish bread filled with rich guava cheese filling.
  • Premium Milk Bread is a sweet milk soft bread filled with premium Belgian white chocolate filling.
  • Chocolate Cream Cheese Bread is made through a traditional Japanese process called yudane using hot steamed water to make the dough more elastic and chewy, and then filled with a not-too-sweet cream cheese.
  • Sugared Cream Cheese Brioche is made with a sweetened cream cheese and is very similar to Texans’ cream cheese Danish.
  • Hawaiian Chicken Bread has pizza sauce, pineapple and chicken topped with Italian seasoning and parsley.

More Popular Items to Try:

  • Strawberry Layered Cake – a layered chocolate sponge cake with strawberries and cream.
  • Sea Salt Coffee Brulee – It’s like crème brulee with coffee.
  • Chocolate Pearl – chocolate glaze, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake base, chocolate ganache topped with chocolate sauce and finished off with edible gold leaf.
  • Mango Delight – a light vanilla sponge cake base filled with mango mouse and topped with mango yogurt sauce, finished with raspberries and edible chocolate leaf.
  • Fruit Jelly Cup is filled with a fruit medley including strawberry, kiwi, mangos filled with light, refreshing and sweet Japanese kanten jelly and yogurt at the bottom. It’s gluten-free.

85C Bakery Cafe currently have locations in California, Texas, and Washington and over 970 locations in China, Taiwan, and Australia. Locations in Los Angeles and Orange County include Alhambra, Buena Park, Cerritos, Chino Hills, Cypress, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Gardena, Glendale, Hacienda Heights, Irvine, Koreatown, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Torrance, and West Covina. For more information about their menu or to find the closest location to you, please visit their website at www.85cbakerycafe.com.

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