Behind the Scenes with SeaWorld San Diego + Ticket Giveaway!


A few weeks ago, we had a great opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at SeaWorld San Diego. It was a jammed packed day – Dolphin Days show, stayed after for a meet and greet with dolphins, animal encounters (I pet a penguin named Bruce), watched the new Orcas Encounter show, toured the Animal Health and Rescue Center and more! It was a full day of fun and we were spent, but if you are not ready to leave, they have a new Electric Ocean experience during summer nights that will keep the party going. More details below and be sure to enter for a chance to win four general admission tickets!

Animal Health and Rescue Center

On average SeaWorld San Diego rescues about 300-400 marine animals every year (sea lions, seals, dolphins, whales, sea turtles and sea birds). Every visitor to the park helps support their efforts to medically rehabilitate the animals then return them back to their home in the wild. The program also helps resource managers with agencies better understand the health of the ocean ecosystem. To date, SeaWorld San Diego has rescued more than 17,000 animals and all of SeaWorld parks have rescued 30,000 animals in the last 50 years. All the items in the lower right-hand corner were found in the ocean or on rescued animals. Can you see the white box of fishhooks? In one case alone, they found fishhooks in one sea lion who adapted to consuming fish off fishing lines. The helium balloons were also found in the ocean. Sometimes the sea animals will consume them thinking they are jellyfish but they are harmful, because they can’t digest them. The children were really engaged.


The all new “Orca Encounter” show features killer whales in a documentary-style, educational format on a three-story, first-of-its-kind infinity screen. The stadium seats about 5,500 guests, and features a state-of-the-art 140 foot wide screen manufactured by Panasonic. The show seeks to inspires us to take action to protect wild animals and preserve their natural habitats. Set in a Pacific Northwest-theme, it took a highly specialized team made up of orca behaviorists, engineers, researchers and writers spent nearly a year to create this new show. SeaWorld parks in Orlando and San Antonio will move to this new presentation by 2019.


  • Corky, female, estimated 53 years old, 20 feet, 8,500 pounds
  • Kasatka, female, matriarch, estimated 42 years old, 17 feet 5,400 pounds
  • Ulises, male, estimated 38 years old, 20 feet, 9,800 pounds
  • Orkid, female, 28 years old, 19 feet, 6,090 pounds
  • Keet, male, 24 years old, 20 feet, 8,200 pounds
  • Shouka, female, 24 years old, 17 feet, 5,060 pounds
  • Nakai, male, 15 years old, 18 feet, 6,500 pounds
  • Ikaika, male, 14 years old, 19 feet, 7,000 pounds
  • Kalia, female, 12 years old, 16 feet, 4,100 pounds
  • Makani, male, 4 years old, 13 feet, 2,600 pounds
  • Amaya, female, 2 years old, 11 feet, 1,455 pounds


5.8 million gallons (22 million liters) of salt water in entire area. 55°F (12.8°C) water temperature. Filtration: 27,000 gal/min (102,205 liters/min), Main pool—3 hours, Underwater viewing pool—2 hours (independent system).

SeaWorld’s Summer Nights – Electric Ocean

  • CLUB CURRENT – Family-friendly signature dance club of Electric Ocean which starts at 7pm to park close. DJ Moray spins the hits with re-imagined vibrant sea creatures: Octavia (octopuses), Pagliaccio (clown fishes), Ana Nemone (sea anemones), Cora del Fuego (coral reefs), Loggerhead: Inspired by Loggerhead sea turtles), and Manny (a ray).
  • LIVING GLOW: POWERED BY BIO POPInteractive exhibit. Partner: BioPop (Carlsbad, CA). Takeover of existing Aquaria Exhibit,Features bioluminescent microscopic algae called dinoflagellates. During the day, these single-celled organisms absorb light through photosynthesis, but at night, they let out a bioluminescent glow, Features hands-on-table top displays, Blue carpet: walk over floor mat displays
  • CIRQUE ELECTRIQUENighttime show at Bayside Amphitheater, 20 minute run time, Reimaging of popular daytime show, Cirque de la Mer and takes place at night only, Combines acrobatics, exciting music and electric costumes, Show will bring back popular jet blade performance with all new lighting elements
  • ILLUMINIGHT: Nighttime show at Nautilus Amphitheater, 20 minute run time. Features overhead lasers, Interactive RFID merchandise experience, Spectacular specialty acts, live musicians, and larger-than-life marine animal puppets
  • ATLANTIS IGNITE: Projection mapping over non-operational Journey to Atlantis ride. 3 minute run time, every 15 min, Projection mapping display takes over the iconic ride building, Ride will be non-operational at night to showcase new lighting elements
  • MANTA RECHARGED: Classic ride with a nighttime twist, Approximately 2 min run time, Will feature new music, colorful lighting and special effects in the launch tunnel, and Features specialty décor throughout exterior of ride
  • LASER REEF: Electric Ocean laser experience (semi-replacement of fireworks), 15 minute run time, Features overhead lasers atop 320 foot sky tower, Lasers point down at iconic Explorer’s Reef Wave, Display will be synchronized to music
  • SEA OF LIFE: Glimmering animals dazzle and mesmerize on this colorful pathway, Plays every five minutes starting at 8:00 p.m., Larger than lifeway pathway décor with synchronized music and lights
  • AFTERGLOW: Glimmering animals dazzle and mesmerize on this colorful pathway. Sponsered by Coca-Cola. Features Blue Sprite Nitro Float only at AfterGlow location, Relaxing location with ice-cold Coca-Cola beverages, Features mellow electronic music from the Coca-Cola Spotify playlist.

Seaworld San Diego

500 Sea World DrSan Diego, California(619)

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  7. My family and I went for our first time this year for spring break before my husband had to leave for work. My 5 & 3 yr olds had such a great time. All the new additions and updates look amazing! We would love to go back and see them again when my husband finally returns home!

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