Fun Facts about Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade!

The beloved Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland is back home! Many have fond memories of experiencing it as children. Now they can take their own families as it has returned for a limited run until June 18, 2017! I have seen it for the first time, and it is wonderful! The dazzling parade made its world debut on June 17, 1972 bringing nighttime magic fun to the park, and it features classic Disney favorites like Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Alice in the Wonderland… The parade performed at Disneyland Park more than 3,600 times for more than 75 million guests until November 1996 before it started traveling around the world.

BirthdayMasters Services – Local Party Venues, Entertainers, and Rentals

We have a big birthday week coming up in our family! I have four nieces and nephews with birthdays within the same week – one celebrating his big 1st Birthday, and three celebrating their 2nd birthday. I used to know all the places in Orange County to host a super fun birthday party from all our play date outings, but since my boys (now age 6 and 8) are in school, it’s hard to remember exactly where they all are and where the new ones are. Introducing If you don’t have a lot of time to do research, check them out! I was just on their website and was amazed by their collection of venues, entertainers, and party rentals near me. They had everything, and it was user-friendly. Here are a few I found within 10 minutes of browsing…

LEGO Friends Heartlake City at LEGOLAND California

Most recently we attended a media preview of the new LEGO Friends Heartlake City. Based on the LEGO toy line, LEGO Friends Mia, Emma, Stephanie, Andrea and Olivia bring their world to life at LEGOLAND California Resort in Carlsbad, California! There’s a new stage, carousel, building station, fountain, new restaurants and more! Mia’s Riding Camp is LEGOLAND® California’s first carousel! Designed to accommodate 1,000 people per hour, it consists of 60 horses and two Jeeps and set for three speeds to recreate the feeling of learning how to gallop on a horse. Heartlake Stables is a new shaded LEGO building trough! Heartlake Fountain is a large fountain in the shape of a heart located in the center of Heartlake City. It’s a fun spot to cool off and splash around. Friends Forever Stage is home to the new “LEGO® Friends to The Rescue” show! With 5-6 performances per day (depending on park hours), the stage rotates to provide different backdrops for different live shows. TIP: Stop by the Meet and Greet in between the shows to meet the LEGO friends!