all Free Clear Oxi Boosters – Free to Play This Summer

Advertisement. When my son was born, he had eczema on his cheeks and elbows for about a year. Although it looked rashy and seemed irritated, looking back – he was still precious to us and our “handsome” little guy. Summer is here and my kids will need to be entertained. We’re already busy with swim lessons and planning our summer vacation that we really don’t want to worry about what the harsh dyes and synthetic scents are doing to my kids. We just want to be “be free” to run around and do things without the added stress. With all free clear OXI mighty pacs and all free clear OXI boosters, I … READ MORE >>

Making Time to Relax at Burke Williams

Some of you know that I recently made the transition to go back to work Full-time. It was scary at first (finding and trusting childcare while adjusting, etc), but now it doesn’t even feel like I ever stopped working. As working parents, when do you ever get a break? You’ll have to teach me how you do it, because I burn out midweek, and I find it nearly impossible to make time for myself. Those who know me know that I love spending Girl-Time at Day Spas. The main difference is Day Spas have a full facility with a lounge (or lounges), showers, Jacuzzi, steam room, and vanity room, etc. whereas the other spas only have treatment rooms. I couldn’t resist Burke Williams invitation to come out and experience their amenities. I finally just did it and made an appointment after work. Have you been to Burke Williams before? If you haven’t, I’ll walk you through it. There are several locations throughout Southern California. (I think I’ve been to four of them between LA and OC). I think Orange is the largest one – aren’t we lucky?

Skin Laundry 10-Minute Laser Facials

SKIN LAUNDRY at Fashion Island is a 10-minute laser facial. Yes, 10 minutes! I think it’s perfect if you’re always on the go. WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? Skin Laundry uses a special laser and light technique that vaporizes the bacteria and makeup hidden deep inside your pores and is designed to tighten and tone your skin. Here’s a look inside their facility. When I checked in, I really didn’t know what to expect as this is my first time getting a laser facial. If it’s your first time, you’ll want to come a little early to fill out a short questionnaire about your health. A staff member help me fill … READ MORE >>

New Nekter Juice Bar Opens at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach

We checked out the new Nekter Juice Bar in Huntington Beach Bella Terra. Listening to everyone’s enthusiasm in line about the fresh fruit and vegetables, I really wanted to try something healthy too. Did you know they offer a cleanse? You can choose between Classic, Advanced, and Premium as well as a one-day, two-day, three-day or five-day cleanse. Grab’ N Go Selections – These are perfect if you want to stock up for the week or get some for the road. Four of their most popular Grab ‘N Go‘s are their Green Energy (my favorite!), Strawberry Skinny for a Boost, Vanilla Protein, and their Ginger Skinny for Immunity. I also … READ MORE >>