BigBoxPlay Launched Their Kickstarter Campaign This Week #bigboxplay

Do you remember playing with big cardboard boxes when you were children? I have four other siblings, and I recall a time when we taped two boxes together, cut out windows and doors, then played with it until it fell apart. Now when I see my own children doing it, I get it. It’s fun, and they feel like it is their own personal space. Especially the younger one, he drags it up and down the stairs, put all his toys in it, hides in it, and wants to sleep in it with his pillows and blanket. He was upset when his Dad wanted to throw it away.

ICE AGE Great Egg-scapade on Digital HD!

Do you and your family love Ice Age films? Scrat, Manny (Ray Romano), Sid (John Leguizamo), and Diego (Denis Leary) return once again for an all-new holiday adventure, Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade! Peaches really wants to see an “Eagles Show” with her friends on Easter Day instead of celebrating the holiday with her family which made her mom sad. Meanwhile, an angry pirate bunny, Squint (Seth Green), wants his revenge from a previous film. When Sid falls asleep egg-sitting, it was the perfect opportunity for Squint to steal the eggs and hide them. It was a hunt for eggs and Squint’s brother, Clint (Blake Anderson), is there to help. After … READ MORE >>