Dynacraft 18″ Next Surge Boys’ BMX Bike Review – It’s Ride Your Bike Month!

The month of May is Ride Your Bike Month. There are so many benefits to riding your bike to work or school. It saves money on gas, and it is also eco-friendly. Some people ride for exercise, and it becomes their way of life. I see my neighbor fine-tuning his bike almost every day, and he rides every morning before work. He is in his fifties, and he looks fit! The children in the neighborhood are starting to ride their bikes again which reminds me we need to check the condition of our bikes again. Honestly, I don’t think my family do enough outdoors. We all have bikes and should be using them. When I was their age, I took my bike every where! Regretfully, last year we didn’t do a lot of it, and now my boys have outgrown them again. This year could be the year we change all that.

18″ Next Surge Boys’ BMX Bike

Dynacraft sent us a bike to test out which is perfect timing. It’s an 18″ Next Surge Boys’ BMX Bike in Black and Green. The helmet is not included and some assembly is required. I think my husband assembled it within 30 minutes or so, but he’s usually handy and he makes it look easy. It also comes with training wheels which my son still needs. I hope this year, he will practice enough so he will have the confidence to ride without them. For example, we saw his classmate riding the other day, and I suggested he could ride bikes with him around the neighborhood, but he said he wasn’t ready and he didn’t want his classmate to see him using training wheels. It could be the motivation he needs to try harder this year. I like the sporty look of the bike, and he looks happy riding it.


  • Frame: steel BMX frame
  • Gearing (# of speeds): single speed
  • Brakes: front caliper and rear coaster brakes
  • Wheels: 18″ wheels and training wheels
  • Tires: 18″ knobby tires
  • Rims: 18″ rims
  • Handlebars: handlebar pad and shield
  • Seat: quick-release seat adjustment
  • Pedals: resin pedals
  • Weight limit: 89 lbs
  • Dimensions: 48.5″L x 25.5″W x 36″H
  • Brand – Next Bicycles
  • Age Group – Child Age 6 – 9
  • Color – Black and Green
  • Manufacturer Part Number- 8093-22
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) – 54.00 x 23.00 x 33.00 Inches
  • Assembly required

I hope that by sharing my story, it will inspire you to take your bikes out this month. National Bike to Work Week 2018 will be held from May 14–18. Bike to Work Day is May 18! There is a lot of information online if you want to organize something in your community. The League of American Bicyclists have a guide online. More information can be found at bikeleague.org. To learn more about Dynacraft products, please visit their website at www.dynacraftwheels.com.

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