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One of my boys struggle with reading and comprehension in general which makes it difficult for him to solve math word problems. He has an IEP, and I love his teachers this year, but there is only so much they can do in the classroom. I have partnered up with MATHNASIUM in Laguna Niguel for two months to see if they can help close some of the gaps. What I have seen so far has been impressive. As a learning center, their objectives are to uncover and address the gaps in the student’s knowledge. They hope to build self-confidence and self-esteem in the children. They want to teach it in a way that will make sense for them, and they want to help the children strengthen their math skills. The groups are kept small and the children are rewarded for their efforts. If they accumulate enough points, they spin a wheel at the end of the session for bonus points which are redeemable for prizes. My son looks forward to going back bi-weekly.


For new members, they start out with a trial session before they assess them. Once you decide upon registration, you schedule time for an assessment. The assessment is required for all new students so they can personalize their learning plan. They assess them based on where they are in the academic year, and they start from their current grade level and go backwards if needed before they move forward, and they will continue to evaluate them for comprehension written and orally.

The Mathnasium Difference

  • It is instructor-taught not student.
  • Their instructors are experienced.
  • Customized Learning Plan for each individual.
  • All the materials are included.
  • Walk-ins, no appointment needed.
  • It is a drop off for 60 minute sessions, two times a week, eight sessions a month.
  • It is 75% Mathnasium curriculum and 25% homework assistance.
  • They provide homework help, but do not assign homework.
  • It’s interactive and they will answer every question except during assessments.

I was reading over their guidelines and noticed that they spend about 15 minutes per session on homework but they advise that the children should attempt to do their homework before coming so they can spend the majority of the time on the areas of need. Good to know. Tuition and hours of homework-help may vary based on location. Other options include Program Plus option for 7th through 12th grade, Private Tutoring, and High School Math Resource Center for Homework Help. After two months, I will write another review about our whole experience and will let you know if my feelings change. So far, my son enjoys coming here, and I don’t have to force him. For more information, please visit their website at

MA+HNASIUM South County Locations:

  • 27281 La Paz Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA (949) 360-6284
  • 32932 Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 22, Dana Point, CA (949) 240-6284
  • 1001 Avenida Pico E, San Clemente, CA (949) 481-6284

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