Party Ideas for Family Fright Night with New Movies Anywhere!


It’s finally here! MOVIES ANYWHERE brings all your favorite digital movies together to one place! Recently launched in the U.S., five Hollywood Studios and four major digital retailers featuring films from Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Walt disney Studios (encompassing Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm), Twentieth Century Fox Film, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. If you have movies on Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes and Vudu, you can now merge them into one place. The other night we had friends over to celebrate, and we had the perfect movie title for Family Fright Night – “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Check out our spread!

Movie Treats

We love Family Movie Nights, because we can enjoy a wide range of titles in the comfort of our home. Themed movie nights make it so much more special and memorable. The month of October is one of the best times to do one because Halloween is enjoyed by all ages. You can make it family friendly or you can host an adult one. Plus there is so much out there to make your party a hit! MOVIES ANYWHERE made it possible for my guests to watch the next available titles without me having to stop what I’m doing to browse through all the different apps. With young children, if you don’t do it fast enough, they start to scatter.

Here are some treats that you can try for your party. Not only are they super easy to do, it’s fun to do with friends as an activity. We made Candied Apples, Bugs on a Log, Mini-Mummy Dogs, Bloodied Popcorn, and Pretzel Rods. We also had cupcakes, cookies, and pizza.

Pre-bag popcorn in themed treat bags for your movie night. Not only are they easy, they are fun and festive!

Drizzle red and white candy melts over popcorn and allow time to dry before serving this tasty treat. (Movie Theme Tip: Make Worms in Dirt with chocolate pudding, gummy worms, and crushed Oreos).

Caramel or Chocolate Dipped Apples are always a hit. (Movie Theme Tip: If you have extra time, make Jack Skellington ones!)

Adorn your table with assorted pumpkins and netting. The netting adds a fun texture. I love painting pumpkins with acrylic paint. If you want it to shine, apply a layer of Mod Podge. It can be messy with children so this activity is highly recommended with adult supervision, because it can ruin your furniture. If you don’t have the time, I found some really fun ones pre-made at Target in the colors that I wanted. (Movie Theme Tip: Paint Jack Skellington ones with black and white stripes.)

Limited Time Offer!

The Movies Anywhere app is free and easy to use. After connecting my accounts, I got bonus digital movies! Movies Anywhere syncs libraries across their connected accounts so you can watch your purchased and redeemed digital movies on multiple platforms including Amazon Fire devices; Android devices and Android TV; Apple TV; Chromecast; iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; Roku® devices and popular browsers, with more platforms and retailers to come. In celebration of this exciting new digital entertainment destination, Movies Anywhere is welcoming new users with a limited-time offer to receive up to five digital movies. Activate and connect your account with one of these participating digital retailers— Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes or Vudu —and you’ll receive a digital copy of both Sony Pictures’ “Ghostbusters” (2016) and Twentieth Century Fox’s “Ice Age.” Connect with a second participating digital retailer and Disney’s “Big Hero 6,”Universal’s “Jason Bourne” and Warner Bros.’ “The LEGO Movie” will be added to your digital movie collection. For more information, visit

  • Studios: Sony Pictures, The Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Film, AND Universal Pictures Warner Bros.
  • Retailers: Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes, AND Vudu.
  • Platforms: Amazon’s Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Android mobile and tablet devices and Android TV, Chromecast, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, AND Roku.

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