Medieval Times Buena Park Castle New Educational Student Matinee Show


Last month my family and I were invited to experience the new educational student matinee show at Medieval Times’ Buena Park Castle. Besides stating the obvious that it is an early show for children, the show focuses on real situations that our youth may face today like bullying, victims of gossip, and being unkind – just doing things that may hurt others. The first 20-minutes of the show include storylines that introduces “The Code of Chivalry” which are a set of rules established thousands of years ago to govern the conduct of the noble class to establish fairness, respect, compassion and understanding. Here are some of the scenarios:

  • Looking down on the poor instead of offering assistance and compassion.
  • Treating others differently or making fun of them, because they looked or dress differently.
  • Gossiping, saying unkind things, or spreading false rumors when we weren’t their to witness it for ourselves.

“The Code of Chivalry teaches us to protect the weak, be loyal to our friends, and fight wrong when we encounter it.” – The King, Medieval Times

They not only perform them in medieval-fashion, but pauses to ask multiple choice questions to encourage the students to engage and participate. The show still has the components of the traditional show with epic battles, tournaments, chivalry, and honor that we all love but in a sped-up version because it is only a 90-minute experience. I think all the children thought the show was entertaining, but depending on the age group, some didn’t take it so seriously. They were super loud and wanted to impress their friends by doing silly things. It doesn’t hurt to also go as a parent or chaperone, because you can also expand on what the children saw that day. I like that they also have resources and tools for educators to further discuss it during the week. If you look at the price, it is not that bad either, and it includes a four-course lunch. Fundraising programs are available.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament


“Like the Knights of the Realm, we believe that doing the rightthing and being fair to all people are just as importanttoday as they were many centuries ago.”

Compassion. Courage. Respect. Charity. Honesty.


What’s for lunch? Admissions to the matinee show include a hearty four-course lunch: oven-roasted chicken, herb roasted potato, garlic bread, corn cobette, chocolate chip cookie, and a water bottle. Vegetarian option is available upon request.

Resources for Educators

Teachers now have a reason to take children on a field trip to the castle. It includes a four course lunch (still eating with our hands) and there are also downloadable resources online – study guides, teaching aids, classroom activities, and discussion points. Live classroom demonstrations and fundraising opportunities are available. FIELD TRIP PRICING – $25* per person. (Does not include applicable taxes or gratuities.) Teachers will receive one complimentary admission for every 20 paid. Contact group sales at (714) 521-4740. More information can be found on their website at

Medieval Times Buena Park Castle

7662 Beach BlvdBuena Park, California(866)

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