FOOD GIVEAWAY: Blaze Pizza Fast-Fired Pizza in La Habra Now Open! | @BlazePizza #howdoyoublaze

On June 27th, we were invited to check out Blaze Pizza and sample their menu at their new location in La Habra at Westridge Plaza. Their pizzas are personal sized, made to order, thin crusted, and “fast-fired”. We’re talking about FAST pizzas baked in 180 seconds. That’s FAST! Blaze Pizza makes their own dough from scratch using a recipe by Executive Chef Brad Kent (“The Pizza Whisperer”) which requires 24-hour fermentation to produce his signature light-as-air, crisp crust. You might also like that they offer GF dough and vegan cheese for an additional fee. Each pizzas are 11″. Since this is a fairly new way of ordering fast pizzas, you’ll … READ MORE >>