Win Pancakes at De Waflebakkers! #DWBtotheRescue #DWBpancakes #ad

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Do you just love pancakes, but don’t have time to make them? Well last Friday De Wafelbakkers came to our rescue with a “House Call” and delivered us bags of frozen pancakes to sample. The following morning, we put it to the test. We popped them into the microwave for 60 seconds, drizzled chocolate syrup over them, then topped them with whipped cream and berries. Voila! Breakfast is served! Win a “House Call” If you’re in the area and you tweet @DWBpancakes, using hashtag #DWBToTheRescue, and tell them where you need to be rescued, you could win a “House Call” just like ours. … READ MORE >>