Theater Review: GHOST – The Musical Now at Segerstrom Center! | @SegerstromArts #GhostMusicalOC

On Tuesday night, Darren and I made special arrangements to attend the Opening Night of GHOST – The Musical at Segerstrom Center for the Arts! “Oh, my love, my darling…” – Unchained Melody From left, Katie Postotnik, Steven Grant Douglas, Robby Haltiwanger, GHOST – THE MUSICAL Tour – Photo by Joan Marcus 2013 Steven Grant Douglas (Sam) and Katie Postotnik (Molly) had amazing chemistry and beautiful voices. Oda Mae, played by Carla Stewart, is just hilarious. Robby Haltiwanger (Carl) plays a good bad guy. The special effects were electrifying, impressive, and fun to watch. It left us wondering several times, “How did they do that?” Carla R. Stewart and Steven … READ MORE >>

Theater: GHOST – The Musical at Segerstrom Center July 29-Aug 10! | @SegerstromArts #GhostMusicalOC

GHOST – The Musical is coming to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts starting July 29th and runs through August 10, 2014! We will be attending a media preview and can’t wait! Segerstrom Center – Cast of GHOST – THE MUSICAL tour – Photo by Joan Marcus 2013 SPECIAL EFFECTS I’ve been told the musical has special effects never before seen on-stage including 2 LED screens (25 feet wide x 11 feet high) weighing about 6,000 pounds each screen. Sam, as a ghost, walks through a solid door. Inanimate objects take on a life of their own. Spirits ascend to the heavens, subway passengers are thrown in the air during … READ MORE >>