How to Save Money for Easter (Next Year)

Easter is over but who says you can’t take advantage of the deals for next year? Yesterday I was at Target and everything was 50%. Here’s my tip to you: always shop the “after” holiday clearance sales! These were $1 each! I don’t mean the candy of course, but for Easter, I recommend picking up two or three boxes of the dye kits, dyeing cups if you don’t already have them, and plastic Easter eggs which are now $1 each. At some point they will mark them down again to 75% but by then it might sell out so why chance it?Other stores I recommend are Walmart, Michaels (for the … READ MORE >>

Candlelight Ceremony @ Disneyland with Kurt Russell!

Waiting for the ceremony to begin/(c) Let’s Play OC Last week we attended a Candlelight Ceremony at Disneyland with Kurt Russell as the celebrity narrator and was pleasantly surprised. Waiting for the ceremony to begin in Town Square/(c) Let’s Play OC Kurt Russell in the bottom right hand corner/(c) Let’s Play OC! “As it has since 1958, the Disneyland Resort Candlelight Ceremony and Processional will illuminate Town Square on Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland Park, with the beauty and wonder of Christmas. During each night of the Ceremony, a celebrity narrator — accompanied by a choir of more than 600 singers and the Disneyland Orchestra — recounts the story of … READ MORE >>

Holiday Finds @ The Children’s Place (Plus a GIVEAWAY)

Lately, SoCal’s weather has been unpredictable so I find that layering is always the best way to go. We were invited to browse the holiday collection at The Children’s Place and we were so happy that we did. Some of my closest friends know that lately I can’t get Preston out of his Transformers pajamas so was looking for regular every day tees and guess what? The Children’s Place had them! They have a huge collection of licensed tees. I love their Marvel Comics and Hello Kitty tees. These are so easy to layer with a thermal or dressy shirt underneath. “For boys, we have great Sherpa hoodies, microfleece and … READ MORE >>

Experience Santa’s Wonderland in SoCal (Plus a GIVEAWAY)

We were invited to experience SoCal’s newest holiday attraction: Santa’s Wonderland. Tickets include a two hour experience and lots of rooms to explore. I want to share with you our favorites. Letters to SANTA Kids can write letters to SANTA in this mailroom. An ELF is there to help. There’s also a mail drop box. How cute! Write Letters to SANTA Mail Room @Santa’s Wonderland/(c) Let’s Play OC Are you on SANTA’s Naughty or Nice List? If you’re not sure, an ELF will check to see if you’re naughty or nice. Lots of Photo Opps Photos with SANTA (and Elves) Our admissions included a FREE 4×6 photo with SANTA. Super … READ MORE >>

ICE AGE: Continental Drift is coming to Blu-ray/DVD December 11th!!

Yesterday, December 6th, I attended a Family Media event in honor of the holiday release of ICE AGE: Continental Drift on Blu-ray/DVD at the ICE AGE ICE PALACE at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. My kids are HUGE ICE AGE Fans! ICE AGE ICE PALACE at Taubman Shopping Centers/ (c)Taubman/Fox Home Entertainment Visitors to the ICE AGE ICE PALACE will enjoy footage from the movie debuting on Blu-ray and DVD December 11th! You can watch a clip of it here. National Signing Santa Day Yesterday was National Signing Santa Day at Taubman Malls! Children that were deaf or hard-of-hearing were invited to come visit SANTA nationwide at the ICE … READ MORE >>