GIVEAWAY: BounceU of Huntington Beach #Review #PlayDate @BounceUofHB

Last week we were invited to play at Bounce U of Huntington Beach. I’ve shared info about them before, and there are several bouncy places in OC, but they’re all unique. For example, both BounceU in OC have two rooms where they split half the time in each rooms. Parents love it when staff interact with the kids, and it’s great exercise. They’re currently getting a face-lift with fun new colors and logos. (Can’t wait to see it when they’re done.) Meanwhile, we ran around bouncing our butts off, and they’re running an awesome promo below. ROOM #1: PHOTO GALLERY These slides are EXTRA steep, but you have to climb … READ MORE >>

Play Dates @ BounceU in SoCal (Orange and Huntington Beach)

I used to be the Queen of Playdates. I joined multiple Mom Groups to keep my kids socializing. Indoor inflatable bounce houses are always on the top our list (next to free parks). What’s not to love? The kids are getting their exercise within the 2 hours, and they usually take a nap after lunch. Yes, that is a staff member helping the kids in the left picture! What I like about BounceU is the rooms are divided up. You spend half the time in one room then transition into another. The rooms are large enough to keep the kids entertained while the moms can socialize and keep a close … READ MORE >>