Newport Landing Christmas Boat Parade + Holiday Light Cruise Discount

Need a delightful holiday outing that the whole family will enjoy? In Orange County and Los Angeles County, there are Christmas Boat Parades that you can spectate by boat or on land. It might look different this year, but it will still be a memorable experience. You just need to know where the routes are if you’re doing it by land. In Newport Beach, Newport Landing offers a 75-minute Holiday Lights Cruise which is plenty of time to grab hot chocolate, take in the views, cruise by the decorated homes and boats, and relax in the gallery. We’re not in the parade, but we are cruising along side it or … READ MORE >>

Whale Watching All Year Round with Newport Landing PLUS a special offer and #Giveaways ends 2/10/13.

I’ve got some great info for you if you’ve been thinking about taking the family out to a see whales. Newport Landing runs whale watching excursions daily all year long. The gray whale season lasts until the end of April, but then the giant blue whales starts showing up in mid-May. (c) Newport Landing “Along with viewing Grey Whales you can expect to see dolphins, sea lions, and marine birds.” (c) Newport Landing “The California Gray Whale makes the most spectacular and longest mass migration of any marine mammal. Tens of thousands of gray whales migrate annually along the west coast of North America from the summer feeding grounds in … READ MORE >>