Tech Review: SANUS 4-in-1 iPad Mount

All opinions are our own. If you’re looking for a hands-free option for your iPads, SANUS offers a 4-in-1 Mount with a swivel arm that works on desktops, under the kitchen cabinet, on the wall, or magnetic surface mounting. It came with all this hardware including the MagFit iPad case, and it was super easy to install. (I was able to put it together myself with a few simple tools). What I like about the mount is, when you’re watching movies, you can rotate the screen to reduce window glare, and I can adjust it to eye-level and use it with a keyboard. I also like that you can carry … READ MORE >>

Safety First! Mount Your TV’s (@SafeKidsUSA @SanusSystems TV Mount #Giveaway ends 7/24)

Unsecured TV’s are scary especially when you have little ones around the house. The tragedies are alarming. Learn about the safety hazards and enter to win a TV mount by SANUS below. “For many Americans, a flat panel TV is a great way to enjoy family time and entertainment. However, most parents are unaware of the safety risks that flat panel TVs pose for kids. Due to increasing size and new ultra thin designs, today’s flat panel TVs can easily tip over when bumped or pulled, toppling off of furniture and causing injury or even death.” A 2011 US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report on flat panel TV safety … READ MORE >>