What is a Sno-Biggie New Orleans Style Sno-Cone? #Review PLUS Giveaways! @Sno_Biggie #OC ends 8/4

The other day we were invited to check out Sno-Biggie in Los Alamitos. What is Sno-Biggie? I’ll explain here through my pictures. You’ll also want to enter below for a chance to try it for FREE – 10 winners! Stephanie demonstrated how they shave their ice. All the sno is then shaped by hand. Stephanie then drizzled caramel and condensed milk to this caramel apple “mardi gras” style sno with an ice cream center. Ok which one do you want? From Left to Right, TOP: Strawberry Shortcake, Mai Tai, Rainbow. Bottom Row: Caramel Apple, Birds of Paradise Sno-Biggie specializes in New Orleans style Sno-Balls. The shaved ice is softer than … READ MORE >>