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This is a sponsored post. Does your kid(s) love Minecraft? Mine do! Now they can play in a movie theater setting with other Gamers that love it too! Super League, the first in-theater video game league, is coming back to SoCal, and they’re hosting a 6 week after-school league for players 6-18 years old! Minecraft is a popular game about breaking and placing blocks.This educational and addictive game can now be enjoyed on a BIG screen for a social, fun, and interactive learning experience thanks to Super League. Super League takes it one step further by assigning participants to teams of 4-7 where they work together towards a common goal. … READ MORE >>

School of Dragons via @JumpStart3D #Review #GamePlay @SchoolOfDragons #Giveaway

Any DreamWork’s How to Train Your Dragon fans here? Did you know they have a video game that launched at Comic-Con 2013? How would you or your kids like to train a virtual dragon in the School of Dragons™?? In this massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG), the adventure begins from the moment you choose a dragon to train. Enroll in the School of Dragons™ for the ultimate dragon-training experience! You can do cool things like: Select your dragon egg, hatch it, feed it, train it, and watch it grow. Learn how to fish, cut wood, and go scavenger hunting. Learn how to farm for resources: grow crops and raise … READ MORE >>