Birthday Itinerary for LEGOLAND California | LEGO CHIMA Water Park | LEGOLAND Hotel

This year, we wanted to gift our son an experience so we celebrated his 5th birthday with a LEGOLAND Adventure. Did you know that LEGOLAND Hotel guests receive a 30 minute head start into the amusement park? This is especially important if you plan to maximize your day and beat the crowds. Because we were staying only one night, we decided to drive down early Saturday morning to make it in time for early park access. (Check their calendar for updated park hours.) Why we chose to play Saturday instead of Sunday is because we wanted to relax after walking around all day instead of driving about one and a half hours back home, but others have told me reversing the order works great too.

LEGO Birthday Button and Birthday Card

When you check into LEGOLAND Hotel and your room is not yet ready, you can leave your luggage at Bell Service or leave it in your car when you valet, then head into the park. Hint: If you tell your hotel clerk that you’re celebrating a birthday, you will receive a LEGO birthday button and a LEGO birthday card!


We wanted to go to the water park first, but to get to the water park, we have to enter the main entrance of LEGOLAND theme park. I suggest getting a locker to store your valuables. Our kids love “Legends of Chima” right now, so they are going to love it when I surprise them with a LEGO Chima Water Park Adventure! It was a huge hit! This portion of the water park opened in May 2014, and they keep the water heated at 80 degrees.


Our kids had a BLAST running through Cragger’s Swamp. (Adults can play too!) It had a big water slide, water cannons, and the water is about a foot deep so you wade or splash around. The gator’s mouth is a double slide. This section of the park was our children’s favorite.


Moving them away from Cragger’s Swamp was a little struggle, because they were having too much fun, but then we saw Eglor’s Build-A-Boat. Here’s a tip: go to the bottom of the stream and wait in line for a boat. It may take a few minutes to get a boat, because all the kids want one! My husband and kids worked diligently to build this one, then raced it. So much fun, but it moves quickly, and beware you will lose your boat to the next person waiting in line for a boat.


Lion Temple Wave Pool is pretty amazing. It even includes a floating Mount Cavora! How cool is that?! You might like that life jackets are also available to borrow and the waves are not super strong. This was Logan’s favorite. (He’s seven). There is a large Lego lion temple archway to walk through as well as a 30 foot tall floating “Mount Cavora”. This has water features all the way around it. The area is very well patrolled by the lifeguards on duty who kept a very watchful eye on the happenings in the wave pool. We felt totally safe!Note: If you are under 42 inches, you must be accompanied by an adult, AND be wearing a life jacket to enter the pool.


  • Hotel Pool Towels for the Water Park: Because towels are available for purchase only at the LEGOLAND Water Park, hotel guests can check out towels at the hotel pool area. If your room is not ready, no worries. Just let the hotel clerk know you’re headed to the water park. She will program a pool key for you.
  • Water Park Lockers: Lockers are available for rent to stow your valuables. They come in two sizes. $10 for a small locker and $14 for a large. There were four of us so we upgraded and got the larger locker.

We just love the fun displays of the Legends of Chima characters throughout the park. They also make great photo ops. See if you can find them all.

Enjoying the Park

We came to play and ride. We played on our way to the water park, skipped some rides, had lunch, played in the water park, then played some more on the way back to the hotel. Our son co-piloted Sky Patrol, got his driver’s license in Volvo Driving School, took the wheel at Skipper School, became a Knight on the Royal Joust, and more!

Granny’s Apple Fries

Make sure to stop at Granny’s Apple Fries for a one-of-a-kind treat that comes with cinnamon sugar and vanilla dipping sauce! (Only available at LEGOLAND!)

LEGO-Themed Rooms

It’s time to check in! There are themed rooms to choose from at LEGOLAND Hotel: Adventure, Pirates, Friends, and Kingdom. Each floor features a different theme. It’s every kid’s dream come true. They get bunk beds (plus a trundle) and their own TV! They could stay up late watching LEGO shows if we let them. Adults have their own beds in a separate area.

Treasure Hunt

Each room comes with a communal set of LEGOs for the family to play with, however, those belong to the hotel and for the next guest. You will find LEGO structures everywhere in your room for inspiration. What is great fun is unlocking a treasure chest in your room. Your hotel clerk with hand you a sheet with clues. What’s inside is yours to keep. We cracked the code and found this inside!

Dinner/Breakfast at Brick Restaurant

A complimentary breakfast buffet at Brick Restaurant is included with our hotel stay. Their dinner buffet is optional and not included. If you decide to have dinner there and you’re celebrating a birthday, you can bring your own cake, or for a additional fee, you can order a special LEGO-themed birthday cake! (I think it’s about $30.) Important to note is it must be ordered two weeks in advance. We missed it by a couple of days, and they wouldn’t make the exception, because they have to order it from a special bakery. Yes, it was a bummer, but not to worry, just let your server know, and they will come out with a little something special, and sing to you.

NOTE: This is not to be confused with the birthday party package inside the park. You can learn more about that package here:


If you have energy to burn after dinner, head back to the hotel lobby where you can participate in story telling, run around in a LEGO Castle, check out the LEGO displays, or jump in the pit and start building with your kids.

We had the best time creating birthday memories at LEGOLAND California Resort California! Everything is AWESOME! For more information, please visit their website at

  • LEGO Chima Water Park have a seasonal schedule so be sure to check their calendar for park hours.
  • LEGOLAND California is located at One LEGOLAND Drive, Carlsbad, CA. (760) 918-5346
  • LEGOLAND Hotel is located at 5885 The Crossings Drive, Carlsbad, CA. (877) LEGOLAND (877-534-6526),

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