Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular Downloadable Activity Sheets

On Mother’s Day this year, we took our boys to Discovery Science Center to meet a life-sized Baby T-Rex from Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular. While we waited for the presentation to begin, the kids enjoyed running around the Prehistoric Plaza located toward the back of the center where they explored fossil digs.

At Dino Quest: Kids can go on a fun and educational scavenger hunt at Discovery Cube Orange County.

Jere Lipps, Director of the John D. Cooper Archaeological and Paleontological Center, came out to introduce himself.
We learned that there were not too many Orange County dinosaurs, but there were findings. We’re about to see a life-sized 6 month old baby T-Rex which stands about 7 feet tall.

Yes, that was me screaming when it got too close. It seemed real to me, and I thought I was going to drop my camera. For more information about the show, please visit their website at www.dinosaurlive.com.

Free Downloadable Printable Activity Sheets!

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