We Test Drove the Mattel Disney • Pixar Cars Micro Drifters Press Event!

My family and I were thrilled when we won tickets to a Disney Pixar Cars event. My kids love, Love, LOVE Disney•Pixar Cars. We’re also annual passport holders to Disneyland so we’ve been to the new Cars Land (opened since June 2012 at Disney California Adventure) several times. Just imagine everything you remember on Route 66 in Radiator Springs from the movie: the desert scene, canyons, Flo’s V8 Cafe, Cozy Cone Motel, Luigi’s Casa Della Tire shop, and more blown up to a life-sized version. You must see with your own eyes to believe. What’s more is there is a life-sized McQueen and Mater that cruises Route 66 for photo opps. I don’t see any drivers behind that wheel so they really do want you to believe McQueen and Mater are the real deal. You’ll also find Mater as part of the new Pixar Play Parade. (Btw, LOVE!!) Ok, I think you get it – we LOVE Cars!

Mattel Disney • Pixar Cars Micro Drifters

What Did We Just Win?

We really didn’t know what this event was all about, but we knew it was featuring something new and the media along with the designers of Mattel and some celebs were going to be there. We were just happy to go. They were also showing a screening of the Cars movie that night. The event was called “Mattel and Disney•Pixar Micro Drifters Toy Test Drive” held at THE famous Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. We won a family 4-pack to attend, and they wanted confirmation we can make it there on time on a Monday evening. Boy, were we in for a pleasant surprise!

Look Who’s Here!

As we pull into The Petersen Museum’s parking garage, we look over and see Lightning McQueen and Mater through the glass (the “life-sized” character version from Cars Land)! Funny thing was I was just saying – I wonder if they’re going to be there. Even though we’ve seen them a few times already, we still get very excited. My 3 year old greeted them very LOUDLY. =)

Lightning McQueen and Mater (the "life-sized" character version from Cars Land)


At check-in, and they hand us these fun “Official Pit Crew” badges to wear. We’re there slightly early so we’re talking to other parents in line about how cool the museum is and we should come back when we have more time.

All the kids ran up to this huge ramp in the middle of the floor. The kids all gather around to watch these Micros drifting downwards.My husband is loving the kids’ reactions as they run back and forth to keep the drifting going. At some point, he helps them out because he has bigger hands to grab. Not sure if you can see the huge pile up at the bottom of the ramp.
Mattel Disney • Pixar Cars Micro Drifters Press Event! Ramp
Mattel Disney • Pixar Cars Micro Drifters Press Event!

Since this is a kids’ event on a school night during dinner time, of course, they were going to provide snacks. They served food catered by Johnny Rockets which is located inside the museum. They served Micro Burgers (mini-sliders), mini-hotdogs, Grand Prix grilled-cheese sandwiches in fun car-shapes, Winner’s Cup Cookies, and even Cars-characters juice pouches. How FUN!

– Mattel

Cars Movie Viewing Area
“Mini #Cars vehicles brought mega smiles during #mattelmicrodrifters toy test drive event @Petersen_Museum!”
Mattel News @MattelNews

Our kids love the Pixar Cars Micro Drifters. We scored one of these sweet SWAG BAGS to take home. With the Micro Drifters, it’s ok if you end up with more than one of the same car.

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