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I think you all know I heart my support group of Moms. It’s really hard to get together, because everyone is always so busy, but we make an honest effort every month or so.

We always miss the ones that can’t make it. (Here are only a few that were available in the middle of the week.)

A support group can be with whomever you want:

preferably people with the same interest, have positive energy, nonjudgmental, brings you up when you’re down, helps you figure things out, and well – supportive. I belong to more than one, and I like mine, because we can talk about whatever. I also like the feeling I get when I made some time for myself.

This month we were able to meet up for breakfast at The Corner Bakery at The Outlets of Orange. It was a central location for us. I like that they have free Wifi and nice options. (I ordered coffee and the French Toast to share with my son.)

I can’t wait until the next one which is a Pre-Mother’s Day Brunch. We usually get together a couple of weeks before just for some girl time and good adult conversations.

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