Intergalactic Nemesis Live-Action Graphic Novel @SegerstromArts #Ad

Alright Comic-Book Lovers, The Intergalactic Nemesis Live-Action Graphic Novel is coming to both LA and OC!

(I’m trying to make arrangements for babysitting as we speak).

Audiences attending Segerstrom Center’s Family Series presentation of can expect a one-of-a-kind whirlwind theatrical experience where radio drama and comic books collide.

Michael Trejo, Shana Merlin, Chris Gibson, Buzz Moran and Graham Reynolds in The Intergalactic Nemesis
© Sarah Bork Hamilton

Set in 1933, Pulitzer-winning reporter Molly Sloan, her intrepid assistant Timmy Mendez and a mysterious librarian named Ben Wilcott face the most serious threat Earth has ever known – an impending invasion of sludge monsters from the planet Zygon.

The storytelling method is what makes the experience of The Intergalactic Nemesis so incredibly unique and mesmerizing.

There are more than 1,000 hand-drawn, full-color, hi-resolution and intensely vivid comic book images displayed on a giant screen as three actors play all the parts and one Foley artist and one keyboardist perform all sound effects and music.

Buzz Moran in The Intergalactic Nemesis © Sarah Bork Hamilton

The Intergalactic Nemesis is an adventure from beginning to end and something you simply must experience if you are a fan of awesome,” declares Bill Graham of

When The Intergalactic Nemesis Live-Action Graphic Novel premiered in 2010, more than 2,000 people turned out. Shortly thereafter, it was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and CONAN. Now, in its second touring season, the production arrives at 40 venues around the U.S., U.K. and Canada, including a run at the New Victory Theatre on Broadway.

Danu Uribe in The Intergalactic Nemesis
© Sarah Bork Hamilton
Jason Phelps in The Intergalactic Nemesis Buzz Moran in
The Intergalactic Nemesis © Sarah Bork Hamilton

The Intergalactic Nemesis Live-Action Graphic Novel is recommended for families and children ages seven and up.

Audiences are encouraged to arrive early, as each performance includes an hour of free pre-show play activities and a reading area with an assortment of children’s books. The Center’s Education and Community Programs Department offers these enriching experiences to provide young people and their parents more opportunities to play together creatively. Studies show that this is critical to helping children develop their ability to think and problem solve.

Live-Action Graphic Novel
The Intergalactic Nemesis Book One

Segerstrom Center for the Arts – Samueli Theater
615 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA

May 31 & June 2, 2013


Friday at 7:30 p.m. and
Sunday at noon* and 4 p.m.
*The performance on Sunday, June 2 at 12 p.m. will be sign-language interpreted.
Tickets: $20; tickets on sale now.
In person – The Box Office
Phone – (714) 556-2787
TTY number – (714) 556-2746
Group Sales – (714) 755-0236

The second installment, Book Two: Robot Planet Rising will be performed next season at the Center.

Disclosure: I
will receive tickets to attend this event. All images copyrighted and
used with permission. Information provided is accurate at the time of
printing, but is subject to change.

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