Ringling Bros: Popsicles with the Pachyderms | @RinglingBros @HondaCenter #RinglingBros

The Circus is in Town!

Last Friday morning on opening day of Ringling Bros. in OC, we joined Anaheim Cops 4 Kids for a special showing of “Popsicles with the Pachyderms”, and a sneak peek of the Hans Klose Dog Act performance at the Honda Center in Anaheim.

As we watched Ringling Bros.’ elephants enjoy custom made treats which included fresh summer fruit in blocks of ice, we too enjoyed popsicles ourselves with clowns. What a special treat!

Chick-fil-a surprised us with a sponsored lunch! The new waffle potato chips are really good! Thanks, Chick-fil-a!


Anaheim Cops 4 Kids is part of Anaheim Police Department’s youth outreach program. For more information, please visit their website at www.anaheimcops4kids.com.

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