Spring Break Tip: Travel Prepared with Cold-EEZE® | @coldeeze

Disclosure: We received product samples. All opinions are our own.

It’s Spring Break for us, and we’re about to go on vacation! We’re bringing along our Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy samples just in case. One of the last thing we need while we’re traveling is not feeling well, and looking around for a pharmacy for fast relief. Cold-EEZE is said to help shorten colds too with their zinc remedy.

“All Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy products release zinc ions in your mouth that inhibit the cold virus’ ability to replicate, which shortens your cold.“

Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy

Cold-EEZE offers a great selection whether you need an oral spray,
lozenges, or quick melts for multi-symptom cold and flu relief
(coughing, sore throat, or chest congestion). The lozenges come in several different flavors as well as sugar free. For more product
information, please visit their website at www.coldeeze.com.

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