Camp Discovery’s Ultimate Explorations at Discovery Cube OC #DiscoveryCubeMoms

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Yesterday I went over all the fun we had at Camp Discovery’s The Zoo & You Camp at the Santa Ana Zoo. As one of the Discovery Cube Moms ambassadors, I wanted to observe Ultimate Explorations Camp which is held onsite at the Discovery Cube OC. This week-long camp is designed for ages 7 to 10, is held in a classroom setting, and is between 9:00 am – 2:30 pm. A new subject is explored each day, teamwork is encouraged during themed projects, and they also get to play at the Cube every day.

Tuesday: Power
The day started out with an electrifying demonstration from a guest speaker. Campers learned about open and closed circuits. They discussed the difference between Telsa Tower versus Edison bulbs, and they compared the LED bulb to the Edison bulb. After the demonstration, they tested various materials to determine if they were insulators (rubbers) or conductors (paper clip, switch, foil, etc). They then worked together as a team with Snap Circuit Kits to work on three projects – power a light bulb, power a siren, and then power to launch a helicopter. (I want to get that kit for Christmas). They also built a Porch Light which they powered with a battery and used a paper clip as switch. The surprise of the day was taking home a mini-robot kit (solar powered) to build with parents.

Thursday: CSI
Campers explored chemical reactions by testing pH levels in water, vinegar, soda water, and watered down ammonia with powders like baking soda, salt, sugar, and citric acid. They also examined the characteristics of fingerprints (arch, loop, whirl), and even learned how to lift a fingerprint using lotion, fingerprint dust, and tape. Who did it? They had to memorize facial characteristics within seconds, and then identifying the suspect in a book. It was surely a mysterious day!

Friday: Chemistry Day!

On the last day, the children made their own mini-lava lamps with oil, water, food color, and alka-selzter. They made a gooey substance with glue, borax, and food coloring. Do you like your lemonade really sweet, sour, or both? Campers had to add their own sugar, salt, and citric acid to taste. They also compared the three under a magnifying glass. One of the last thing they learned that day was how to make ice cream with milk, vanilla abstract, and sugar. or call (714) 542-2823.

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