All Day Breakfast Perfect Pairings at McDonald’s! #AllDayBreakfast AD

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me for McDonald’s. #alldaybreakfast
If Breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, gone are the days you have to check for the time to see if you missed the breakfast cut-off at McDonald’s, because it’s now All Day Breakfast! Providing breakfast all day has been a top request at McDonald’s, and now it’s a reality! The other day, the family and I went for Brinner and had fun with all the different combinations now available to us. Did you ever think it was possible to order French Fries with your Sausage Egg McMuffin? Well now it’s possible thanks to All Day Breakfast!

How about this one? McNuggets with Hot Cakes. It’s not exactly Chicken and Waffles, but you can customize it however you want! (Now they need to add McNuggets to the breakfast menu). Or how about instead of French Fries, you could order Hash Browns with your Burgers! Hash Browns are not just for breakfast anymore. =)

Need more veggies?

A salad for breakfast? No, but for brunch or brinner, Yes! If you need more veggies, order a Side Salad with a Sausage Egg McMuffin.

Add An Egg to It!

My husband loves egg with his burgers, and we’re going to try this! Imagine adding an egg to your Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Big Mac. EGG-citing!
AllDayBreakfast Perfect Pairings at McDonald's!

What are some of the ways you would enjoy All Day Breakfast?

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